5 cheapest car in india under 5 lakhs 2021

5 Cheapest Cars Under 5 Lakhs in India


5 Cheapest cars in India which are in a budget range of INR 3-5 Lakhs. These cars are best in the segment with a couple of premium features and standard safety features.

Initially, Cars were considered as luxurious items. But, this is not like that anymore now. With the continuous evolution of technology, the costs of manufacturing and materials have reduced significantly over the years and have made it easier for manufacturers to produce and sell their vehicles at comparatively lower prices than before.

While there are plenty of options available for premium and exotic cars, there is a whole other segment on the other side of the spectrum. Budget-friendly cars are designed for those who cannot afford those luxurious or exotic cars and still want a nice car for themselves or their family to get from point A to point B inexpensively.

Low-budget cars might have a reduced-priced tag but, it does not mean that these cars lack standard safety features or performance. Manufacturers have put a lot of focus into their low-budget vehicles to ensure that they can deliver what they need to. Here is a look at the TOP 5 CHEAPEST CARS IN INDIA 2021.

     1. Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

alto 800 short review, cheapest car in india 2021

Maruti Suzuki’s Alto is one of the most favorite entry-level hatchbacks of Indians and is one of the best-selling models in India. A cumulative total of 29 lakh units sold within 15 years.

Alto now comes with a fresh set of features and upgrades. Alto 800 comes with a 796 cc engine that produces 48bhp and 69Nm of torque.

The 2nd generation Alto comes with safety standard features like a reverse parking sensor, speed alert system, driver airbags, and seat belt warning for both driver and the co-driver.

Alto 800 comes with eight variants and six colors available with petrol and dual fuel – petrol/CNG.

Price ( Petrol )     ₹ 3.00 – ₹ 4.03 Lakh
Price ( Petrol/Cng )₹ 4.44 – ₹ 4.47 Lakh

2. Renault Kwid

renoult kwid review, Cheapest Cars Under 5 Lakhs in India

According to reports, Renault India has sold around 3.50 lakh units of the Kwid in India.

Renault has introduced a new variant of Kwid that comes with a 1.0-liter engine to the list of engine options you can opt for with the new Renault Kwid. The 0.8-liter motor produces 54PS and 72Nm, whereas the 1.0-liter engine produces 68PS and 91Nm.

Rear parking sensors, a driver-side airbag, and ABS with EBD are the Standard safety features of Renault Kwid.

Price   Rs. 3.12 – Rs. 5.31 Lakh
Mileage 20.71 – 22.3 kmpl
Engine   799 cc – 999 cc

3.  Datsun Redi-Go

datsun redi go car price ex showroom

Datsun India has launched the updated Redi-GO in the form of a facelift and comes with a BS6-compliant engine The facelift model is costly by Rs 54000 to its predecessor. Redi-GO is the cheapest model in India for Datsun.

Redi-Go comes with two petrol engines: a 0.8-liter unit producing 54PS/72Nm, and a 1.0-liter unit which produces 69PS/91Nm. Both are mated to a 5-speed MT and the 5-speed AMT is offered only with a 1.0-litre petrol engine.

Redi-GO comes with four variants: D, A, T, and T(O) and six colors: blue, red, grey, brown, silver, and white. It comes with standard safety features like Driver airbags, ABS with EBD, and rear parking sensors.

PriceRs 2.89 – 4.85 Lakh
Mileage20.71 – 22.0 kmpl
Engine    799 cc – 999 cc

4. Maruti Suzuki S-Presso

Maruti suzuki spresso image

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso comes with six variants and six color options in India. The company claims that the S-Presso offers the best-in-class turning radius of 4.5-meters. Maruti. The S-Presso has been introduced as a mini-SUV in India by Maruti Suzuki.

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso comes with a 1.0-liter three-cylinder petrol engine producing 67bhp/90Nm of torque.

Price ₹ 3.71 – ₹ 5.19 Lakh
Mileage 21.53 to 31.2 km
Engine 998 cc

5. Hyundai Santro


Hyundai has re-introduced Santro in the Indian car market with a starting price of Rs 3.90 lakh.

The new Santro comes with seven petrol-powered trims and two CNG-powered versions. Under the hood, it gets Hyundai’s new 1.1-litre four-cylinder petrol engine producing 68 bhp of power and 101Nm of torque. Hyundai also offers an out-of-the-box CNG kit with a 58bhp version of the same 1.1-liter motor.

As compared to its competitors, Santro offers extra space, good interior fit and finish, a torquey petrol engine, and comfortable seating. Overall, Santro comes with plenty of safety & premium features and is well priced, and might be your perfect first car.

Santro is at five on our list due to its pricing. Otherwise, Santro is a great product.

Price₹ 4.68 – ₹ 6.36 Lakh
Mileage   20 to 30 km/kg
Engine    1086cc


Hope you like our article on 05 cheapest cars under 5 lakhs in india If you are planning to buy a budget-friendly car for yourself or your family, you can consider the above-mentioned five cars. These cars are probably best in the segment as they have standard safety features, upgraded looks and, updated features.

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