Causes of Low Mileage In Car | Why New Car Gives Low Mileage

Low Mileage Reasons

“Causes of low mileage in car ”This is the most common question that bothers most car owners in India. When buying a new car we all consider certain factors and fuel efficiency is the most preferred thing that Indians want their cars to be. But after buying a car All new car buyers have a common question

Why the new car gives less mileage :

Modern engines are better machined, it takes less than fifteen hundred kilometres to run-in a new car.

Though brand new car gave low mileage because their engine needs to get set in its position, If you track your mileage from new, you will see a marginal increase in mileage over the first year of ownership Because the car parts become better polished by running, reducing friction.

So the fuel consumption is higher initially but not by as much Yes you can see the difference of 2-3kmpl but if you see the large fall in the mileage then it is Better to get your car checked by your dealer.

What are the causes of high fuel consumption ?

Car Mileage Issue

Mileage is something that a car should have. A car with low fuel mileage can indicate many things. If you read this article till the end, you can fix some of them yourself. Here are some reasons for the low mileage of petrol & Diesel cars

Causes of low mileage in the car

Do not use the clutch frequently

Do not press the clutch while driving, it is often seen that people drive the car by pressing the half clutch, which affects the mileage and also damages the engine. Not only this, if the clutch starts getting tight, get it fixed immediately before the clutch plates get damaged.

Avoid low gears at high speeds

Do not shift the car in low gears when the car is at high speed, this damages the engine and increases fuel consumption.

Use wrong engine oil

Engine oil also plays an important role, to keep your car fit and healthy, engine oil plays an important role. But some people use cheap engine oil to reduce maintenance costs. This not only reduces the mileage but also affects the engine.

Bad tyres

Using bad company tires in cars can also reduce car mileage. Apart from this, if the air in your tires is low, it also reduces the mileage of your car because the car requires more energy even at low speeds.

Driving Dynamics

mileage of the car depends on the way you drive your car, if you like to drive fast then the mileage of your car will affect you will use more fuel than you need

Sparks Plug

If your car’s spark plugs are defective, this will affect the mileage of your car as the spark plug are responsible for sparking the engine combustion and they will not do this well if the car’s spark plug is defective or not working properly.

Idling car with Ac on / off

Many people waste their fuel by idling. Idling is when you have your engine on, and you are parked and not moving. this usually happens when you are trying to warm up your car in the winter, or while you are waiting for someone,

Your car doesn’t need more than 30 seconds to warm up the engine. When it comes to waiting for someone, you can turn your car off or put it into neutral. Since you aren’t moving, you might save fuel and the environment too.

Be a smooth driver

Drive your car smooth as possible with control. Treat the accelerator and brake pedals with respect.

At any point, high speeds and sudden brakes can be more fun on the road but damage the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.
And engine and other parts too

Big tyres

Big tires are the common reason why you experience a drop in mileage. The company usually recommends upsizing only one step up then the stock tyres but if you increase your tyre size more then the recommended then you will see a drop in the car mileage,

This is due to greater traction (larger contact point on the road) and larger tires have more weight. The fact is that the engine does more work to rotate a larger tire and, in return, you will get less mileage.

Quality of fuel

An important factor that is mostly ignored by the car owners is the quality of fuel we fill in our car’s fuel tank. Fill the fuel from well-known petrol pump/petrol station. Poor quality fuel not only affects mileage but also damages the engine over a long period.


These are the factors that affect the fuel consumption of the car, sometimes we unaware about causes of low mileage in the car due to which we get panic sometimes that is our vehicle engine is healthy or not. Hope you get the right information that why your car consumes more fuel.