Why Mahindra Bolero is so Popular SUV in India ?

Bolero by Mahindra is one of the most hard rock and solid SUV that has ever been manufactured by Mahindra and Mahindra.

Bolero is a 7 to 9 seater SUV which has been ruling the Indian markets since 2000 till present. Nahisk and Haridwar are the two places in India where Bolero is manufactured.

Bolero is no fancy automobile and yet has an edge over the others in the same category. It has a 1.5L 70bhp 16V mhawk D70 Diesel engine.

Why Mahindra Bolero is still a number one?

Mahindra Bolero pics


Bolero has got super rugged body. It is often said that the car is built like a tank because of strong metal body parts. Infact heavy body of the car is very important especially for the people residing in rural areas. Since, heavy body can ply on any kind of surface with any kind of load.

2.Low Maintenance

The spare parts made my the mahindra for its respective models also comes under affordable and cheap rates. In Fact, the service can be done by anyone who holds basic knowledge of cars and their basic technicalities. Because of simple engineering and the absence of new modern technologies.


The powerful engine of bolero doesn’t disappoints the owner as bolero hardly comes to end. Even after lahs of kilometers if driven with with due care and parallel services. It is because of boleros M2DICR and DI engines which powers the Bolero.

4. Affordable

One of the major reason of bolero still ruling the indian market is its rate. Since, its totally light on pockets of indians, one can easily get a powerful SUV under a affordable price. In fact mahindra bolero offers the cheapest 4*4 with a fixed roof. The base price of mahindra bolero starts from 6.61lakhs goes upto 10 lakhs.

5. Brand goodwill

Bolero comes from a company holding a high goodwill in the indian market. In fact, the car has also earned and made its own goodwill as well.

6. Versatile

Mahindra bolero also offers pick up trucks  commonly known as Maxi Truck. Hence its more variants also attracted more customers from different segments.

7. Decent looks

Well Mahindra Bolero comes with decent looks and body. This feature opens the door of bolero to serve for official vehicle in various Government department.

Mahindra Bolero with customized Toilet

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