10-Tips To Improve Car Mileage – Updated 2021

10 – Tips to improve car mileage which is most asked question on the internet, because Fuels prices are increasing day by day which creates an impact on our monthly budget,
Cars are no longer considered as luxury items, once there was a time when only a few people with prestige and wealth used to own the cars.


Like it is always said that time flies and changes too, so the tables turned and now is the time when almost everyone in the society owns a vehicle, though it may vary in the price level.
But on the other hand, some car owners find it very problematic as some of them find the maintenance cost incompatible to their respective budgets,
we make a kind of checklist, on the car mileage tips to increase the efficiency of your car,

How To Improve Car Mileage?

Here the top 10 tips

1. Don’t Apply Much Force On The Pedal

Some people tend to apply much force on accelerator pedal irrespective of gear level and prescribed limit, these things only help to burn your fuel much faster. So don’t apply much pressure on the accelerator pedal. 40km/h to 50km/h is the best speed for good mileage.

2. Avoid Unnecessary Weight

Even every automobile company states in their respective manual to avoid unnecessary weight which may include roof racks, accessories or some other parallel things. Lighter will be the vehicle less will be fuel consumption.

3. Air Type

First of all, keep your vehicles Tyre pressure according to the prescribed standards and most importantly replacing the air with nitrogen will also help in saving fuel as it is believed nitrogen is a lighter gas, so maintain air pressure and use nitrogen instead.

4. Prolonged Idling

Keeping engine off when a car is not is motion also increases fuel consumption and it is estimated that keeping the car engine on for an hour can consume up to a gallon of fuel, so say no to prolonged idling.

5. Servicing

One of them, the most important aspects of saving fuel is getting your vehicle serviced at regular intervals so that it can provide you with better performance and even help in keeping the car in good shape, so say yes to servicing.

6. Gear Use

Try driving the vehicle with the highest possible gear keeping in mind the respective speed limits and also avoid unnecessary gear change. So proper gear is the answer.

7. Lubricants and oil

When getting the vehicle serviced make sure the fuel being used is compatible with the model as well as recommended by the makers.

8. After-market Solutions

Many car owners tend to opt for aftermarket solutions as they prefer buying non-genuine parts for their vehicle and which further affects the performance somehow. So use only genuine products.

9. Air Filter

Many times people forget to change the air filter of their car and which reduces the performance of the vehicle. So do change the air filter.

10. Wheel Size

Many car lovers enjoy modifying their vehicle but they couldn’t forget that increasing wheels size adds to the weight of the vehicle significantly and it only leads to reducing the mileage of the vehicle.


This is our 10 – Tips To Improve Car Mileage which help you to improve your car average and life also, implement these techniques you will surely get the results.

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