Mahindra Bolero Customized With Portable Toilet – What?

Mahindra Bolero Customized with Portable toilet in Kerala by Ojes Automobiles firstly before we start we want to show you that this car is not coming with top notch latest features but still this car is one of the best selling SUV’s of mahindra  because Bolero is known for its practicality and excellent rough & tough capabilities. Either it is urban conditions or rural, paved roads or bad roads. the Bolero has made its spectacular performance everywhere.
But due to lack of clean public toilet in Highways it become very difficult for travellers so  recently, some such pictures of the Bolero have come out from kerala which may surprise you. Mahindra Bolero owner Customized his Bolero with Portable toilet in the third row of this SUV.

it is also very practical and that too at a time when Covid-19 cases increases day by day. By having a toilet in the car, you will be able to keep yourself away from public facilities while traveling, which will reduce the risk of spreading the infection to some extent. At the same time, it may not need to be described as how beneficial it can be for women

Mahindra Bolero Toilet: What is special about it?

According to the car owner, this toilet fitted in the Mahindra Bolero works on a vacuum based system like an aircraft. It has an on-board water system and a streamlined disposal system, which provides a chemically treated waste before disposing of the waste. The vest can then be disposed off through a valve on the side of the car.

Negative Points

This system seems to be helpful in following practical and social distancing. It has its negative aspects as well. The first is that if the passenger is sitting in the 2nd row while traveling, then it can be very inconvenient for him to use the restroom. And secondly, it has limited water tank capacity.

Setup Cost

According to the car owner, the cost of installing this setup is about Rs 65,000. This setup with a Portable toilet can be fitted in any car that has a good amount of boot space or third row space  (SUV or MPV). It can be useful for people who often travel long distances and potentially Do not want to use public facilities to protect themselves from infection.
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